500 Subscribers!

One of the things most YouTubers focus on is subscriber count – and to some degree, we do too. It’s an indicator of channel reach – or, popularity, if you will – but it also gives the creator impetus to keep going, to keep creating.

Today is a milestone for us as we’ve reach 500 subscribers. And while it’s not a lot in the grand scheme of things, especially in the highly competitive travel segment we find ourselves in, we do appreciate each any every person who has spent any time watching our videos.

Unlike any number of Millennial or Generation Z travel vloggers who seem to take a frenetic pace and scurry through a 6 minute flash-bomb if video snippets purporting to educate you about a destination, we took a deliberate turn and decided to slow things down, try and be more cinematic, make carefully curated music choices and provide a “feel” for a place that we think is often overlooked. Feedback has remained positive and you seem to enjoy the thoroughness.

And, because we’re not travelling nomads continuously travelling, filming, editing, sleeping, travelling, filming, editing … well, you get the picture, we have the luxury of one thing that lifestyle doesn’t afford – time. And, we don’t cheap out by going to museums but not actually going inside them due to cost. Many nomads exist on a shoestring budget due to YouTube’s low payout scheme and an ever-changing algorithm.

We work for a living. We travel purposefully, spending adequate time in each destination, and we review honestly. You seem to appreciate that.

So thank you to all of our subscribers. We love that our travel vlogs help you make decisions with your own travel plans – and that you spend a few minutes with us every now and then.


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