We’ve been way, way overdue in revamping our website, but we’re glad you’re here!

We try to balance insight with cinematography on our YouTube Travel by Numbers channel so that you get some information and a real feel for what the destination looks like. That’s also why we tend to do episodic series’ when we travel instead of quick one-offs that rush through the information and sights too quickly. We’re certainly not Millenials, or Generation Z, so we take things slow – and we hope you appreciate that.

We’re also not travelling nomads who travel for a living. Like the majority of you, we hold down full-time jobs and have responsibilities at home, to our families and to our employers. But we’re lucky to have lots of vacation time and can afford to travel to interesting and exotic locations. That’s not lost on us! And because we always travel with enough gear to capture great media, whether photographs, video or audio, we love that we can share our experiences with you.

What you see on YouTube, though, only scratches the surface. There is so much more that we simply can’t share in the context of a 15 minute vlog. So this site will be a repository for our musings, honest thoughts about destinations we travel to, photos, tips and extra content not suited for the YouTube platform.

If you’re a subscriber – thank you! Subscribing to our channel and “liking” our videos – and clicking the notification bell – helps promote our channel and moves us closer to monitization. Doing so will help you keep in touch with where we’re going, and we’ve got some incredible travel destinations coming up.

We also love viewer feedback, so please don’t hesitate to provide comments here or on the channel directly. We try to answer every one.

Thanks for watching

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